Bubblebox® deploys marketing cloud services to leading global brands. We understand the needs of the modern marketer and offer an impartial approach to delivering initiatives that leverage transactional and web behavioural data to drive revenues.

We are Marketing Cloud Experts.


We have a great team and we’re passionate about the technology and services we deliver to our clients. Our team has a vast amount of experience to help you get what you want done – fast.

We love to make our clients successful. If you’ve not picked up the phone and spoken to us yet, then we invite you to talk. Our team of client consultants help to ensure that you continually improve. We’re proud of the service we offer and would welcome the opportunity to help.

Agnostic & Agile

We understand that technology alone doesn’t inspire great ideas – people do. That’s why we are agnostic to the technology we offer. With no allegiances or hidden agendas we offer the right technology at the right price to suit your individual resources.

Strategy & Insight

Our S&I services guide the development and continual improvement of your full marketing approach. From assisting in establishing realistic goals from the outset of your programs through to granular post email-stream campaign analysis we deliver results.

Onboard & Activate

Implementation and activation services encircle the full process to quickly empower your team with the skills to harness the power of the technology platforms we deploy. We enable you to quickly execute precise campaigns that result in quantitative improvements.

Educate & Enable

Our educational and guidance services give your team the assistance and hands-on experience needed to confidently achieve the optimum performance from your chosen solutions. From industry best practices to advanced cart recovery streams – we help you gain the most out of the platform(s).

Automate & Connect

Automation and Engagement services enable you to optimize your automated programmes with advanced data flows and triggered content streams. We help you become a customer company through automating and deploying timely relevant messages to scope and on budget.

Creative & Deployment

Our Design and Deployment services can bring all your ideas to life no matter how big or small. We enable you to adapt to how your customers wish to engage with you. With our intelligent data segmentation, designers and your vision you will be driving engagement and building you brand.




Our cutting-edge solutions drive clients to impressive returns on their investment in Marketing Cloud technology; we have the unique ability to arm you with the tools and intelligence to optimize the features of the Cloud. Clients seek our expertise because of our proven model for increased revenue and continuous improvement.


Let’s face it: Marketing Cloud technology can be a real headache when left in the wrong hands. We save you the time and resource demands of an in-house hire and equip you with the skills and intelligence to make the technology work for you. Now relax and start enjoying life again!


As the partner of choice for some of the world’s leading providers of Marketing Cloud technology, we are primed to deliver industry-leading strategic guidance and best practice email marketing solutions. The combined expertise of our team ensures that you get the best solution for your business…


  • We had the in-house tech resource to get started with the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, but wanted to reduce enablement time and get up and running as quickly as possible. Bubblebox was able to migrate, implement and optimize our new platform with little disruption to our in-flight campaigns.

    Tim BonnellIT Manager, Tourism Whistler
  • I found the combination of Bubblebox and Fresh Relevance was a very beneficial partnership. TheFresh Relevance platform is very user friendly and the Bubblebox team are always on hand to assist, that’s why we chose them. Fresh Relevance is working exceptionally well for us. We have a niche product range and a narrow demographic that we target. Fresh Relevance  has allowed us to subtly guide our client base back to our site and reconnect with their abandoned  carts.
    Baron BarclayMary Maier
  • We wanted to be able to take control of our email marketing programs but not have to hire a dedicated resource to do so. dotmailer is a very easy, yet powerful enterprise platform to use, and with minimum effort we can achieve strong results.

    Sherry Lyons, VP Corporate and Marketing CommunicationsToshiba Canada
  • [at Julep] we love the personal touch for our customers, whether that is in our salons or online as part of our Maven club. Bubblebox and Fresh Relevance has enabled us to further this connection through inserting personalised (browsed and carted) content into our emails, ensuring they are relevant to our members.

    Jane Park, CEO and founderJulep
  • Bubblebox really make me feel welcome and comfortable, almost like we are one big team in this together. The fact that Bubblebox are our supplier of choice for both technology platforms (Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Fresh Relevance) reduces time to get marketing initiatives underway in the most efficient manner.

    Book OutletIan Michael, Marketing Director
  • Without the continued support from Bubblebox I don’t think we’d be using such advanced tools like Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget) and Fresh Relevance to their full potential.

    Ian Michael, Marketing DirectorBook Depot Partnership
  • The service offered from Bubblebox has enabled myself and my team to really push the boundaries of our email marketing strategies without compromising quality or budgets.

    Dale Edman, Vice President of eCommerce & Online MarketingThe Wasserstrom Company
  • We needed to be sure we had the best services from the outset, Bubblebox offered us unbiased advise on which ESP to run with. Their set up of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget) was smooth and fast. Their Client Services team had us up and fully trained on the platform in very short order.

    Sam Omidi, Senior Director of DigitalCanadian Men's Health Foundation
  • We chose Bubblebox after being particularly impressed by the technology and their proven expertise. 

    Kim Madu, Director of MarketingPNE
  • Over the past couple of years Bubblebox have taken us from basic level email blasting to now executing campaigns that are more personalized and informative. Bubblebox are proactive in generating new ideas such as creative design improvements and tagging links to aid segmentation.

    Hank Oostveen, VP – Supplier and Agency Relations Uniglobe Travel


  • Paul Gordon
    Paul GordonCo-Founder & Managing Partner

    A passion for delivering ‘cutting-edge’ marketing intelligence technology to companies across Canada and the USA. Paul is a motivated sales-focused individual with a high level of international experience in the management of sales, implementation and support processes for intelligent technology platforms for marketing professionals. Due to a customer-sensitive, profit-driven approach, Paul is successfully managing the leading Vancouver, BC based Marketing Cloud technology and services provider – Bubblebox. The ability to manage all facets of the business to ensure organic growth is stable and profitable has been key to its success.

  • Tracey Gordon
    Tracey GordonCo-Founder & VP, Client Success

    Tracey is currently the Co-Founder and VP of Client Success at Bubblebox. Her passion lies in delivering results-driven implementation, training and consultancy services on leading marketing cloud platforms such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud (aka ExactTarget). With 15 years of experience in digital marketing, Tracey has enabled hundreds of companies of all sizes and industries gain revenues from the pragmatic and actionable approach she delivers. She empowers organizations to drive their email and digital marketing programs to greater effectiveness and profitability.

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